Client Experience

Our goal is to provide clients with a unique experience, allowing them to see their visions become reality

Your experience will be non-traditional. Don’t expect a chaotic drive downtown, nor a frustrating search for parking. We are on an arterial road with easy access and ample parking. When you step in to your meeting it will not be in a board room, or across a large desk. It could be at a distance where we provide high quality video meetings from our studio located in our offices. Either way we will all sit back in relaxing sofa chairs and take as much time as needed to understand your vision.

Now that we understand your vision, we need to understand your current situation. This will allow us to create a road map to guide us in achieving your vision. Your roadmap will lay out an action plan for the next two years of quarterly meetings. This has all been designed to be very flexible as we realize life never unfolds as we expect.

As time goes by you will come to realize that together we have made changes to protect your assets and family, restructured to reduce volatility, and built a team that understands your vision to provide you with peace of mind.

Wealth Navigation Process


Initial consultation

We consider this to be a two way interview, you are looking for great wealth advisors, and we are looking for great clients. It’s time to talk and see if we share the same financial philosophies.

Time to share

The plan is written. Time to look under the hood and see what is going to get us to the finish line! Our roadmap and vision document will outline what needs to be implemented in order to manage your success..

Gathering the details

Time to pull together all of the financial aspects of your life. Don’t worry we provide a check list to help you focus your search. Not to belittle the numbers but we are going to drill down what your goals are. We call it your vision!

Time for change

As your new wealth advisors we will set in motion the required changes to get things started. Expect to see a flurry of activity while we implement your roadmap.

Crafting your plan

Since we know where you have been, we know where you are at, and we know where you want to be, its our time to put our best assets to work. We will design a personalized plan that guides us over the years to ensure your vision becomes a reality.


Your roadmap calls for a quarterly meeting. Each meeting we will review your vision, adjust the roadmap, confirm we are on track, and implement the next step of your plan.

Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 8AM-5PM
Sunday: Closed

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