Sample Client Vision

For John and Patricia Smith

Our information gathering process was carefully designed to help you define and clarify your financial objectives. The value of our recommendations depends upon the accuracy of the information we based them on.

Your Planning Objectives

Listed below are the planning objectives you identified as being important.

  • You stated that your main objective was to create a comprehensive plan that gave you a feeling of financial security.
  • You feel comfortable with your current standard of living. You also enjoy what you are doing at Accenture. While you do recognize that you might like to retire early, once the kids are older, you are not yet certain what you would do in the next phase of your life. This is something that you would like to get more clarity on in the next 3 – 5 years.
  • Given the conservative nature of you and your family, you felt it was important to have a plan less focused on growing your wealth to the highest degree possible, but rather one centered around preserving it for you and giving you as much peace of mind as possible.
  • It is important to you that in developing a sound plan, we look not just at the expected case scenarios, but that we also evaluate the worst case scenarios. This was important for you to feel comfortable moving forward in any direction. You felt it was critical to stress test any plan of action to make sure it was the best one possible for the family.
  • You felt it was important to have a well thought out investment plan that is consistent with your level of comfort around risk. You want to make sure that it was clearly articulated, easy to measure and consistently followed.
  • You said that you felt it was important for Steve and Chrity to receive a good education. You mentioned that both kids are doing well in school and that education is a way to get a better understanding of the world. You felt that this was valuable as they started out in life. You also mentioned that you don’t want your children to feel entitled to this gift, but rather that they truly understand how fortunate they are to be able to have it available to them.
  • You thought it was important to make sure that any plan you have in place be secure in the event of a catastrophe. You wanted to make sure that, in the event, either of you passed away, that the family was fine. Above all, you want to make sure your family would be able to maintain their current standard of living.

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